Guy Reins In Madonna As She Insists On Riding Again

The Daily Mail reports that and her husband Guy Ritchie had a heated argument after she was injured in a riding accident earlier this week because she was so determined to get straight back into the saddle. “Madonna was going on and on about how she wanted to get straight back on the horse so that she would not be scared of doing it,” said a family friend. “But Guy said she was too injured to even be thinking about it. It wasn’t one of their major rows, but both were determined to win the argument.” Read more.

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9 thoughts on “Guy Reins In Madonna As She Insists On Riding Again

  1. TiggerBoi26 says:

    Good for her that this has not broken her will to carry on, it would me as far as’, ‘getting back on that damn horse

  2. CosmicSystem says:

    she insists on riding guy ritchie, that is’, ‘the woman is so strong, I adore her and her will power

  3. babygigolo says:

    This riding accident crap sounds suspiciously like one big publicity stunt to raise her profile in time for her new album. If this actually happened she probably would’ve broken her hip like most other old people do and the horse probably bucked her cause she tried to convert him to Kabbalah. And try raising a few kids while working three jobs with no husband and scraping by just to feed your family—That would be a strong woman, not grandma Moses getting all spiritual with her British posse pretending so hard that she’s not really a former slut. Matt Laurer shoulda gave her the smack down when she laid down the eggshells.

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    This is bullsh**. She can’t be that stupid to think she could just hop up with a broken collarbone, hand, and fractured ribs to ride a horse.

    Old people don’t break their hips because their old, it’s because they have’, ‘osteoporotic hips, I think Madonna and her health-conscious lifestyle will prevent her from going that route anytime soon.

  5. PopTart says:

    I agree. It’s interesting that her husband’s movie is coming out in September. Hmmm… A little fishy (not that smell that comes from between Mandonna’s legs).

  6. shunny says:

    no, whats really nasty is the fact that you’re even wondering about what she smells like.somebody’s obsessed and its really gross.

  7. estephania says:

    I used to train professionally for show jumping and class A horse shows and I actually broke my collar bone in a jumping accident once. The pain was unbelievable. there is no way I could have gotten back on my horse and riden with a broken collar bone, it just isn’t possible to control a horse properly with one arm, so this is obviously bull*****. Maybe if someone was leading her, she could ride, but definitely not on her own. I totally understand why she would want to get back on her horse right away though, to conquer the fear and know that the horse has not won.

  8. PopTart says:

    Obsessed? LOL! No. Gross? LOL! Please! What’s gross is a woman simulating masturbation on stage and everyone thinks it’s innovative! That’s disgusting. It’s really nasty that you don’t use punctuation.

  9. CosmicSystem says:

    she’s probably more embarrassed than anything’, ‘and she tries to mask it by pretending everything’s okay and pretending to wanna go back to the horse. she could have died, that’s something tough to deal with

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