Guy Ritchie Hires Banksy To Create Madonna Portrait

News of the World reports Madonna’s husband Guy Ritchie has secretly commissioned Banksy to create a portrait of the Material Girl for her 50th birthday next Saturday, but it could end up costing the director nearly a million dollars. “Guy’s been feeling the pressure to get this right,” an insider told Rav Singh. “He knows one of her passions is art and came up with the Banksy plan. He reckons will be blown away by the masterpiece which he hopes will arrive by next weekend.” The entire story at has since been removed.

And Guy Ritchie Ignore The Tabloids, Pal Insists

August 1, 2008 – Guy Ritchie’s longtime pal Vinnie Jones spoke with People magazine about the intense speculation regarding the director’s marriage to in the media, which Jones says the couple completely ignore. “I know for a fact [that] they don’t read anything,” Jones said Thursday at Hollywood screening of his new film ‘Hell Ride’. “No one’s getting at them.” From what Jones has seen, the couple appear to be “very close,” Jones said. “That’s why all of this crap that goes about just amazes me.” Read more.

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