Guy Ritchie’s Old Flame Tania Strecker Haunted Madonna

The Sun hears that Madonna’s marriage to Guy Ritchie was strained over her belief that the director preferred his prior girlfriend Tania Strecker, a 6ft blonde model with 37 inch legs. “Tania’s stunning and 15 years younger than Madonna,” a friend of the coiuple told the British tabloid. “ took Guy from Tania, but never really trusted him that he loved her for herself. Today she’s consumed by the fear that Guy was more interested in her for her money. And that — if it hadn’t been for her fortune — he’d have stayed with Tania rather than marry her.” Read more and check out pictures of Tania here.

Trudie Styler Hopes Madonna & Guy Will Remain Friends

October 22, 2008 – Sting’s wife Trudie Styler spoke with ‘Extra’ about and Guy Ritchie’s divorce, hoping the pair she helped to introduce will settle things amicably. “They’ll work it out,” said Styler, who is godmother to Madonna and Guy’s son Rocco. “They’re both big enough people to become great friends in time, and I’m sure that they will for the sake of their kids, if nothing else.”

She added, “I’m sad when great things come to an end, but they both need to recapture their lives.”

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One thought on “Guy Ritchie’s Old Flame Tania Strecker Haunted Madonna

  1. Squeezyb says:

    with legs like that Guy was a numpty to go with Madonna in the first place – she’s an arrogant so and so, why do we all look up to her, any other 50 year old woman jumping on stage shouting Jump Jump Mother Fu**ers would be ridiculed….

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