Guy Says Cut To Madonna And Giannini Make-Out

Extra TV has highlights of Madonna’s new film ‘Swept Away’ including a behind the scenes look at the film’s director and Madonna’s husband Guy Ritchie getting a little hot under the collar when his wife is making out on the beach with co-star Adriano Giannini. Video has since been removed.

Madonna’s New Film Panned — Even By Fans

23, 2002 – John on the website saw ‘Swept Away’ it’s first official screening at the ‘Conde Nast International Film Forum’ at the AMC Movie Theatre in NYC last week, and even though he was a fan, he wasn’t impressed. John writes, “Now, I must tell you that I have been a Madonna fan since the day she began and have even loved some of her movies (‘Evita’, etc.), but me and the rest of the audience were not prepared for ‘Swept Away’. The 90 minute film drew laughter from the audience. HOWEVER, the laughter came during Madonna’s dramatic moments. Madonna did look gorgeous in some of the film and the outfits were amazing. The body, unbelievable! But her acting, horrendous.”

Yup, It’s A Stinker Madonna

23, 2002 – The New York Post reports that as they warned earlier, Madonna’s new film ‘Swept Away’ should be. Page Six checked out the premiere screening Thursday night at the AMC 42 theater for the Condé Nast Traveler Film Festival, and proclaim it compares with ‘Showgirls’ and ‘Glitter’.

Britney And Madonna Dress Down For Casual Walks

15, 2002 – The Sun had photos, since removed, of Britney Spears and Madonna out for casual walks in casual clothes. As for Madonna, one shocked onlooker said of her grungy outfit, “She looked like she didn’t have two cents to rub together.”

Madonna Hopes Fans See ‘Swept Away’

September 13, 2002 – Madonna wrote fans in Icon Magazine saying, “Finally back in the old US of A. Enjoying a lot of sunshine and a bit of relaxation. I just did a promo shoot for Vanity Fair and an interview where I talk lots about ‘Swept Away’ which, as you probably know, I made with my old man. It’s coming out in October and I hope you get a chance to see it.”

Madonna In New York For The Jewish New Year

September 11, 2002 – The New York Post reports Madonna is in town to celebrate Jewish New Year, where she’ll be spending the next two days at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square attending a Kabbalah conference and holiday ceremonies. A spy said, “I was on the elevator by myself on Saturday evening when in walked [Madonna’s p.r. woman] Liz Rosenberg, Madonna and a rabbi. Isn’t that a bit odd? The Marriott is so . . . unlike her.”

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