Guy Says Madonna’s Brother Wrote Book Out Of Desperation

The Observer spoke with Madonna’s husband Guy Ritchie about his new film ‘Rocknrolla’, as well as the Material Girl’s estranged brother Christopher Ciccone, who wrote in ‘Life With My Sister Madonna’ that Guy was a homophobe who, gave the gay, sometime interior designer a lot of trouble about a closet he wanted built. “Really? Was that a metaphorical closet,” Ritchie asked. “What do I make of that book? I don’t make anything of the book. The poor chap wrote it out of desperation. I don’t think it’d be intelligent to comment on that. I can’t give too much equity [sic] in what the chap’s gonna write in that book. But… you’d be hard pushed to be a homophobe and marry Madonna.” Read more.

Guy Ritchie: No Fitter Bird Than

August 25, 2008 – Gordon Smart of The Sun sat next to Guy Ritchie as he watched Madonna’s concert in Cardiff, Wales on Saturday night (August 23) at the Millennium Stadium, the first night of her Sticky & Sweet Tour. “This is my fourth tour. I went to almost every single show the last time round but I hadn’t seen any of this one before tonight,” Guy said. “I loved it. It is a great show. I love all her dark songs best. Some of the songs come from genuine suffering, let me tell you.”

Guy also commented on how fit his 50-year-old wife is. “Her legs are Olympic standard,” Guy said. “She is in amazing shape. You won’t find a fitter bird than her. Her legs are so toned. She’s fitter than dancers on her tour who are half her age.” Read more.

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