Guys Can’t Do What Madonna And Britney Did

Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Wednesday night, “A lot of people now surfing the web trying to find those pictures of Madonna kissing Britney Spears. They say this is like the passing of the torch from one generation of pop stars to another. See, girls can do that. You know what I’m saying? Men can’t — men can’t do that. You never see like Elton John shoving his tongue down Clay Aiken’s throat.”

Madonna Ired At Losing Out On Movie Role

10, 2003 – The San Francisco Examiner reports that Madonna heard from a friend backstage at the MTV Video Music Awards about a part in an upcoming movie about the West Memphis Three, and was told there’s a small part in it that’s perfect for her that could land the singer and troubled actress an Oscar. But because the film’s producers want to give it to Gina Gershon. Madonna reportedly scolded her handlers and told them they’d better get on the horn and start lobbying up a storm for her to get the role.

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4 thoughts on “Guys Can’t Do What Madonna And Britney Did

  1. Madfan says:

    Leno is corny…but he’s kinda right. Men can’t do it. Can Eminem lock lips with Justin? Can Ricky Martin do it with Enrique Iglesias? NO!!! Men are homophobes!

  2. Loverboy says:

    It’s the fact that North American society is still very patriarchal, and straight men find two girls kissing very arousing… That is, as long as they are not REALLY lesbians and that there is room for their fantasy to be engaged with the act somehow… On the other hand, it seems that not as many girls find two guys kissing arousing…, even if they do, as I said, it is sad, but true, that we still live in a very patriarchal society.

  3. devon22 says:

    Loverboy, I disagree that patriarchy is the problem. Homosexuality was widely accepted in Ancient Greece which was an extremely patriarchal culture. The same can also be said of the Arab world (at some times in their history more than others, but still they have been generally much more tolerant than the less patriarchal West). Back around the 1960s and 1970s when it was still illegal in England for males to have sex with each other, homosexual men like playwrite Joe Orton would take vacations to countries like Morroco so they could pick up guys without fear or embarrassment. Personally, I think part of the trouble in our culture is the strange perception that if a man has sex with another man he must be gay (whether he accepts it or not), while a woman who has sex with another woman may just be experimenting or having a lark. It’s not just men who tend to think that way, a lot of women do too. On a side note, I thought that two of the guys in Good Charlotte kissed each other during their performance. Maybe they’re not famous or good looking enough for the press to care?

  4. TheWad says:

    That’s disgusting. the reason why two males don’t make out with each other isn’t because women don’t find it arousing, its because they don’t want too. that’s nasty who the hell would want to do that. I hate f***.

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