Gwen Carlton Sticks Up For Big Sister Vanessa

Vanessa Carlton’s sister Gwen stuck up for her big sister after a negative posting by a fan of Jewel who blasted, “I just saw this chick’s video on MTV and she sucks! She is trying to be like Jewel and Michelle Branch… they are so much better than her… and she’s never going to make it in the business.” Gwen’s response:

Imagine taking three years out of your life to follow a passion. Vanessa dropped everything in her life to follow her music . Her music is who she is, and just by seeing one video of hers and listening to one song, you can only get a slanted opinion. I highly doubt that you have ever seen her in a club spilling her guts out on the piano, then you can truly realize that this girl is for real. I don’t know that you are even going to read this, but don’t worry my sister most likely listened to your judgmental comment. There is a part of her that is scared to give her whole self out there into the world and to be getting judged for it. She knows that this is the backlash she gets to show people that there is more to music than and O Town. People like you who don’t even get to see the whole picture will realize that there is more to her than just an image, but there is a heart and passion to her music, and if you are blind to this I would wish that you tried a little harder to see it.

Thank you for your time
Gwen Carlton

Teary Eyed Over Fans’ Messages

January 18, 2002 – posted a new message Tuesday to thank fans and alert them that her debut video ‘A Thousand Miles’ is now ‘Buzzworthy’. Carlton writes, “Just want you all to know that I have read every single one of your messages. I used to blush when I read them, but I actually got teary eyed today. Your words mean so much to me. Thanks. Anyway FYI the video is Buzzworthy on MTV now. I think part of the reason is that you guys are voting all the time. I wish I could personally thank each and every one of you. Much much love.”

Vanessa Carlton Thanks Fans For Being TRL Wannabe

January 18, 2002 – Gracious Vanessa Carlson posted another message on her official site’s forum thanking fans for voting for her on Total Request Live. Vanessa said, “I’m really looking forward to going to NY. I miss my apartment!! I’m leaving LA on the 20th for my TRL show on the 24th. I’m kind of nervous, but excited at the same time. MTV is being so awesome. Thanks again for the TRL votes.”

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One thought on “Gwen Carlton Sticks Up For Big Sister Vanessa

  1. Tracy says:

    Dear Gwen Carlton,

    I wouldn’t feel bad about that guys negative comment about your sister’s music. I have to say, she is one of the most talented musicians out there. In my opinion, Michelle branch can’t even touch her. I saw your sister in concert in 2001, at the Providence Performance Art Center in RI for their annual birthday bash concert. She was so amazing and incredible on the piano. I started writing songs using the piano since age 11, and I was very inspired by Vanessa Carleton’s music.

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