Gwen Stefani Is Taking A Break

tells Aidin Vaziri of the San Francisco Chronicle plans to record a second solo album are being put on hold.

“I have a really good record that I could put out,” the No Doubt singer said. “I had a fantasy about it, but I’m not doing it. I decided it’s more important that I take a nap.”

She added, “I literally went from the Rock Steady Tour with No Doubt into the studio [to work on ‘It’s My Life’ for the band’s greatest-hits LP, ‘The Singles 1992-2003’], like the week we got off. Then it was studio torture making this record. Then No Doubt went on the ‘greatest-hits’ tour after that – then I put my album out, and here we are.”

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3 thoughts on “Gwen Stefani Is Taking A Break

  1. NocturnalRomance says:

    what about the harajuku girls?

  2. Haters-GetaLIFE says:

    Good for her! I like some of her new stuff and I love her stuff w/ No Doubt!

  3. fpasko says:

    Gwen deserves a break. I love her solo stuff and No Doubt. She definitely can afford a break. She has millions. Glad to see a pop artist with true talent.

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