Gwyneth Paltrow Comments On Ben Affleck & Jen Lopez

Ben Affleck’s former long-time love Gwyneth Paltrow sidestepped discussion on Ben and Jennifer Lopez being an item to Bill Zwecker of the Chicago Sun-Times. “I never read any of that. I don’t watch television just in case I might pop up on it,” she laughed. “I never even glance at newsstands when I walk by … just in case something might catch my eye. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to that stuff.”

People Magazine Pays $75,000 For Jen & Ben Photos

August 5, 2002 – The New York Post reports People magazine paid an eye-popping $75,000 for a series of nine photos of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, outbidding US Weekly for the rights. The nine-photo package showed the couple in the front seat in a Bentley convertible. Most importantly, the magazine “wanted the lip-lock photo,” said a People spokeswoman.

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Set To Marry Next Spring

August 4, 2002 – Star magazine reports that Jennifer’s new boyfriend Ben told J.Lo’s family that he had fallen deeply in love with the diva at her 32nd birthday party in New York. “It was an incredibly romantic moment,” said a pal. “Ben was very charming and bold. It took guts for him to stand up and make an announcement like that in front of Jennifer’s whole family. Her party was clearly a chance for Jennifer’s friends and family to spend some time with her new love. And they all got along great.” The pal adds, “Jennifer is saying she’ll make a formal announcement about her and Ben to her fans when the time is right. They know getting married is a big step, but they’re convinced they’re meant for each other.”

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck Kiss In Public

August 3, 2002 – The Sun has photos of Jennifer with new boyfriend Ben sharing a kiss as they drove to a friend’s party in Los Angeles. “After months of keeping things under wraps, they didn’t seem to care who saw them,” said an onlooker. “They were strolling hand in hand and laughing and joking. Both of them seemed relieved that everything was finally out in the open.” Check out the pictures here.

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