‘Hannah Montana’ “He Could Be The One” Preview

A preview of the next episode of ‘Hannah Montana’ has been posted online. Titled “He Could Be The One”, the episode features Miley Cyrus’ character dating Jake Ryan (Cody Linley) again. The full episode airs this Sunday (July 5) at 8 PM ET/PT on the Disney Channel. Watch via YouTube below.

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10 thoughts on “‘Hannah Montana’ “He Could Be The One” Preview

  1. Ambica says:


  2. Jenessa says:

    I seriously hope Miley ends up with Jake and not Jesse

  3. kelley says:

    I love this video

  4. Happy GoLucky says:

    it would help if y’all put the whole episode on there:)

  5. Sofiaaa says:

    She ends up with Jake & the episodes already on YouTube.
    it’s fu**in nuts=)))))))))))

  6. christine says:

    I wish Jake got it but Jesse got it but Jesse was cut

  7. christine says:

    I love you Jake

  8. Sara says:

    You can download “Hannah Montana 3″ and this song ‘He Could be The One” in iTunes now…

    Check it out and make her Number One this summer!!!

  9. Kaycie says:

    I think that this episode of Hannah Montana is The Best Ever!
    I totally fell in love with this one. . . and I knew that she would end up with Jake Ryan. . . Or(Cody Linely). . . However my little sister absolutely LOVES the guy that plays Jesse. . .
    P.s she wanted me too add the piece of information in there..!

  10. Serena says:

    hey I loved the show I was happy that she picked Jake he’s really hot and it was really funny when Jackson and Rico were wearing skirts ……lol I also loved he’s got something special
    [:Well bye everybody:]

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