Hanson Hopes To Attract A Male Audience Too

The Oakland Press reports that are happy to start their musical careers with a clean slate, re-introducing themselves with an acoustic tour going on now. “I’m excited about making waves in all these types of avenues,” Taylor said. “And, of course, the music is the first thing that opens those doors. I think this is definitely the very beginning stages of a new phase in this band’s career.” He’s also confident that the screaming girls that flocked to Hanson six years ago will still be around in some form. “I think that will always exist to some extent,” he said. “If you’re out there playing rock ‘n’ roll and you have girls there – that’s the heartbeat to me. But I hope to get the guys, too. I hope to have people who are just into the music. I want people to hear the music, not just listen to (the screams).”

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One thought on “Hanson Hopes To Attract A Male Audience Too

  1. Stallion says:

    I hear that Michelle Branch is going to help them out since Hanson give her a big break that help her become famous

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