Hanson Live At Bardot

Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson sit down for an interview did a live set for Yahoo! Music’s Maximum Performance blog. The trio performed ‘Weird’, ‘MMMBop’, ‘Been There Before’, ‘And I Waited’, ‘Carry You There’, ‘Shout It Out’, ‘Where’s The Love’, and ‘Thinking ‘Bout Something’ live at in Hollywood.

During their interview, the brothers talked about how their new album’s title ‘Shout It Out’ embraces the theme of the record, how much of the record was written in between gigs, how there could be a resurgence of appreciation for the band largely defined by their ‘MMMBop’ younger days, how nobody can accuse them of being trendy, if they’re annoyed by the stigma of starting out as a band so young, and how starting young for them was difficult because nobody wanted to take them serious.

The performances and interview videos at Yahoo.com have since been removed.

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