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They discussed their upcoming fall tour, their live CD and DVD due out in October, and their documentary, ‘Strong Enough To Break’, among other topics. The chat transcript is as follows:

Hey everybody.. Welcome to the chat! We’ve got a lot of cool stuff to talk, can’t wait to answer all your questions.

taylorstolemytutu asks What did they think about the turn out to the doc and fans reactions to it

It was amazing to see how many fans came from all over to see the screening. We really wanted to let all of you be the first to get inside the story of the documentary. We all had a great time playing at Mayfest, and it was one of the most fun shows we’ve done.

monihan asks Can we expect any new cover songs on this new tour?

The upcoming tour, like all our tours, will be a little bit of everything. We will definitely be trying out new music that will be on the next record.

LandJHolm asks “Would you ever consider making music in a genre other than POP/Rock? If so, which one?”

I don’t think we’ve ever decided what Genre we would play music in. We just kind of fell into place. In the same way, we would always be willing to try other styles as long as it feels natural. We write music of all kinds; who we are as the band means we can’t just put polka, pop, and latin on the same record :)

Sian asks When you wrote Lost Without Each Other, did you have any idea that “Are You Listening” would eventually be a slogan for a whole campaign against the way the music business is run these days?

The phrase “Are You Listening” was just written as part of the song.. you just never know what phrases will inspire you. So the answer is no.

Nina asks what is your best concert memory?

One of the best things was having Leon Russell play with us at Mayfest. That was a really cool performance, and we very much respect Leon, along with our friend Steve Ripley. It was great having them both join us.

thatskindahot asks I really do want to know three things they do to relax and destress.

Paint, draw, and play videogames. We’ll let you guys figure out who said what :)

monihan asks Are you going to be working with any co-producers on your next album?
monihan asks Will you be co-writing any songs on your next album?

All of those things are up in the air right now. We’ve already begun work on the next album, but those kinds of things are still undecided.

distillmyego asks Have you ever considered releasing all the 80 songs you wrote for Underneath as a treat to your hanson.net fnas?

Some of those songs may end up on other albums, and we’re excited about beginning to put out more unique music for the fanclub and through hanson.net. For example, the 2.2EP which is part of your membership kit; there may be more things along those lines that may begin to show up on hanson.net

…especially live exclusives!

Kodiak asks If you didn’t have any obsticals (such as limited number of instruments, back up musicians, and/or vocalists) what would be the ultimate song you would want to cover?

That’s a really good question.. hrmmm….
We would do the Pet Sounds Arrangement of “Wouldn’t it be nice” by the Beach Boys to a T.
Including the very colorful outfits…
We’re actually singing it right now!

Hailey asks are you planning on releasing Strong Enough To Break in theaters like you did with Underneath Acoustic Live?

No, there’s no plans to do an event like that. But the events we’re doing at the Universities this fall (as earlier announced on HNet) are a good example of how we’re planning on showing the documentary

Sarah asks Some think that radio as a media format is on its way out, because of the commercialization of music, the diminishing playlists, and other options like iTunes and satellite radio – what is your view on this, and how does this affect the way you promote your music?

How does it affect it? Dramatically. How does it affect the industry? Not really. Radio is not in the music business anymore, but in the advertising business, so fans really lose out. With regard to other media outlets, more and more there are legitimate online and satellite opportunities that allow bands to put out their music without some of the hurdles that exist today…

But the promotion of music as it is today is evolving a lot but no one knows exactly how it’ll turn out
Podcasts are a really nice way to expose people to long form audio content, in our opinion

kye asks We had a discussion a while ago in the Aussie forum as to what “crazy beautiful” means. The 3 most common things said where 1. Beautiful is a pet name 2. Crazy beautiful as in it’s crazy (amazing) how beautiful you are, and 3. You’re beautiful in your craziness. What does “crazy beautiful” mean to you?

Crazy Beautiful, much like a lot of songs, has always meant something a little different to all of us. For me (Taylor), it’s always meant a sort of reckless beauty, the kind that is out of control, the kind that is undefinable. The song is about the kind of payoff that ensues when you’re with this person, and the emotional and physical feelings you feel.

_Alice1440 asks Do you support the RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) or not and why?

The RIAA was designed for a good purpose in terms of distribution and marketing. As much as the music industry has done, they’ve taken a pretty negative approach to the new methods of distribution out there. So I don’t think it’s a yes or no question. The RIAA is really just one side of the music industry, but the reason the RIAA has tried to do what they’ve tried to do is because they’re trying to protect their distribution

So the real problem is an industry that’s not evolving and not in tune of what’s happening now. That’s why artists in this industry need to change in the way they interact with their fans. How are we doing?

_Alice1440 asks Will there be any h.net events such as live recording etct… In the near future?

We have talked about doing events like the recording of Underneath Acoustic, we’ve talked about setting up similar things, and it’s very possible something like that will happen in the future. :) But it depends on the music we release, so stay tuned

Debora_SaoPaulo asks HANSON: I was wondering what was the idea behing the whole “burning” the piano keys in the end of the video LWEO???

Two words: Spontaneous Combustion. :) There was a subtle message behind that. There is a risk of music dying if we don’t really start listening to what’s happening in the music world.

len asks what’s your opinion on podcasting?

I think Podcasts are a really cool way to deliver more long form audio, as I said before. They’re like the new version of radio, and I think that’s very exciting. We’ll actually be doing some podcasts starting in the fall focused on the tour and the events surrounding the tour. I think podcasts are just a great example of how technology and content are coming together to put out better content for everybody

angelabr asks Hanson > Do you guys plan on taking the “Are You Listening?” campaign to a worldwide level?

Are You Listening is bigger than Hanson, and bigger than any one artist. The message is already worldwide, and it can only grow. We’re really excited to bring together artists and fans from all over the world. Stay tuned.

_Alice1440 asks Where did your inspiration come from for the Underneath video?

The inspiration largely came from our australian directory Josh Lobe. He presented the concept of vines continuing to grow as the video and music progressed. The final version of the video evolved dramatically from where it started. For us, the idea is that music is something that can grow, and change, and constantly growing. And also the idea of being “Underneath” and strangled by something is another concept that’s present in the video.

_Alice1440 asks What keeps you guys grounded and focused on the music?

I think it’s a combination of one another and each of our individual passions.. Also, the continued rediscovery of music, and never looking at it as if you’ve already done, and searching for new inspiration all the time… Music can always be new, so you’ve always got to be willing to be inspired.

asks what’s in your cd player right now?

Isaac: The last thing I downloaded from iTunes were two Chris Isaac tunes. “Baby did a bad, bad thing” and “Wicked Game”. I just spontaneously bought them..
Zac: I got the newest Hootie & The Blowfish album two days ago
Tay: I’m thinking!
Tay: Bob Schneider’s “Lonely Land” is the one in there right now I think. He’s actually on areyoulistening.com if you want to check that out.

manda asks Have any of you designed new merchandise for this upcoming tour?

The new merch is being designed NOW and the we’re also going to be showing off some new H.NET merchandise in the next few months. Also…
Zac has done 3 special designs, one of which will be given away with new HANSON.NET memberships. The line of t-shirts will be called “The Weekday Warriors”, and it was inspired by the workhorse, everyday soccer mom. We’ll be putting up the art for the shirts tomorrow so you guys can check them out :)

unodriverbecca asks Do you think the your still restricted by what you can reveal in the documentary?

You are always restricted. We cut out all the nudity!! But seriously, the story is told as accurately as possible in an attempt to show not just our perspective, but the situation that we were really in and allow people to make a decision for themselves

albstar716 asks You guys speak a lot about how bad the music industry is creatively, and about how you have to follow your own path to make the music that’s in your heart and that you believe in – hence why you started 3CG. Any thoughts about signing other indie bands to the label who don’t want to join the machine and need to express their selves creatively in their own fashion?

3CG has not currently signed any other artists but we do look forward to bringing some artists on board in the future.

bluerose83 asks Will you wear a kilt to your next Scottish shows?

Ahhhhhhhh.. No. But we did have a great show in Glasgow.

Kim97 asks Will the documentary screenings/radio events/etc. at colleges be open to the public or just to students?

The screening events in particular will be limited to students from the particular university at which the event is being held. As for the other events that may exist around the screenings, they’re to be determined :)

since you guys don’t have any ‘hardships’ like with what you had with Island def Jam in making “Underneath”, what inspiration is fueling the album making process for the next studio album? How is it going to sound?

The hardships with IDJ didn’t inspire all the songs on Underneath really. I think the inspiration for this next album is extensive and I think it’ll be even MORE inspired and powerful than our previous one.

Elf asks will fans be voting on opening bands again like they did in Sayreville and how did you feel about how the choice fans made last time?

This will be our last question guys, sorry!

We’ll talk about this more as the shows approach, but we’ll be putting together similar contests for a lot of the shows on the tour. As for the choice, the goal is to put the choice in the fans’ hands and to enable upcoming independent artists to reach new fans.
A few last comments..
Thanks everybody for coming to the chat. As always we love talking with you. We’re looking forward to a new chat (exact date to be announced) which will focus on the International fanbase and the release of the live album. We’ll be taking some foreign language questions from you international fans in order to engage the whole world in the HANSON.NET Community.
Thanks again guys.. See you later!

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  1. embo says:

    because I live in Europe, the time zones were wrong and I missed it. I adore Hanson, they are one of my biggest musical inspirations.

  2. chickawickabob says:

    I am really happy Hanson is back…i never really liked them until this time around came out but now their music is really mature and I can relate to it…i cant wait to see if they will come on tour here in MD…

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