Hanson Updates Hotline, Prepares To Tour

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Isaac updated the Hanson Hotline asking fans to send in their home towns in planning the band’s up coming tour. Also mentioned is a fan club only CD the band will send out to members of the fan club Hanson.net, which contains 5 tracks not available on the new album. Read on for Isaac’s message.

Hey everybody this is Isaac and you’ve reached the Hotline. Well, for those of you part of the email list, and for those of you who are not, we just recently sent out the Hanson Newsletter. That newsletter contained general Hanson info, some fan club info. But the main reason why we sent out that email, was to gather information regarding what your city and state location is. The reason is we are talking about concert dates of course, coming up later this year. And we’re hoping to route them through a city near you. So, we want to make sure that we get that information so that we can properly accommodate as many of you as possible. So for all of you who are part of the email list, please don’t forget to give us that information. And for those of you who are not, you can go onto Hanson.net and go into the News section, and you’ll find information on how to do that. How to join the newsletter. So, also for you fanclub members, we just recently mixed the 5 tracks which are going on the fan club cd. That will be coming to you soon. That fan club cd is exclusive of course to the fan club and the tracks will be found nowhere else. Those are new tracks that were recorded during the making of this up and coming record, Underneath. So thanks for joining the fan club, for all of you who have. And thanks for calling the Hanson Hotline. And don’t forget to check Hanson.net for more info. Thanks. Buh Bye.

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