Hanson’s E-Mail To Fans

The brothers sent out the following message to fans tonight: “Hey, We wanted to reconnect with you and tell you about all of the new stuff happening with Hanson. There is a new album on the way soon. We have completely redesigned Hansonline.com and the Fan Club Hanson.net so there is one destination, Hanson.net. The public forums have been redesigned, there are NO advertisements and registering is completely free! Come look around! The Fan Club section of the site, Hanson.net 2.0, is now faster and easier to navigate! We have reduced the price to only $39.95 per year and we have added a new Membership Kit full of exclusive Hanson material. When you join you will not only get access to your own email account, web space, private messaging and premium content, you will get the Hanson.net 2.0 Member Kit that includes an enhanced CD with 5 songs that you can only get from Hanson.net, 5 video segments shot as the album was being recorded, EVERY back-issue of MOE Magazine in digital form, and a personalized membership card! Best of all you will get online access to concert tickets before anyone else, the opportunity for backstage passes and direct interaction with the band. If you’d like to sign up you can do so here. Finally, we are putting together plans for our upcoming tour and we want to let you know when we are near you. Fill out this quick form so we can contact you as soon as the tour is announced. Everyone that fills it out will be eligible to win a personalized autographed drumhead. Hope to see you online and on tour!”

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One thought on “Hanson’s E-Mail To Fans

  1. Jessica (hey) says:

    Hey Guys! I just wanted to drop a line saying that you are amazing and I’ve been listing to you guy for like ever and I wanted to know if you can extend your tour to NEWFOULAND CANANDA!..I would really like to see you guys in concert..and actually meet you guys in person….email me personally

    Love you guy XOXOXOXOXOX

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