Happy Holidays From Brooke Hogan, New Album In The Works

checked in with her MySpace friends (@brookehogan) on Monday (December 24) with the following bulletin:

Hi everyone! Man, this sure has been a tough year… many ups and downs. But what I’m learning is you gotta survive the lows to ride the highs. If you never had lows, the highs wouldn’t seem so high. I’m keeping every one of you in my prayers along with all my family members.

I wish every single one of you a happy, warm, and safe holiday! Please stay safe and keep your head on straight cause the holidays are crazy! Right now I’m working on a few things – don’t worry I haven’t vanished! I’m taking my time, doing things right, allowing some time for myself and my family…

Good news! New album is in the works! Doing it all by myself! Not leanin on anyone but me… but hey! That’s the only way you know it will turn out 100% you! Right? lol It’s gonna be great – playing and writing a lot about this crazy, mixed up, but always adventurous year! Looking forward to giving everyone a wonderful piece of work!

Right now I’m just chillin-incognito-at home. Wearin my dorky glasses every day (cause I have horrible eye sight! 20/100) and my contacts are driving me nuts… (wondering about that Lasik thing… let me know if any of you have had it!) Working out is something I totally dread… but I throw myself in the gym every day just to ward off holiday surprise lumpiness! Mama’s cookin every day (shes amazing!) Shopping and wrapping is finally done! And…my back is killing me because of it! I’m sure most of you can relate! But so far the holidays have been pretty ok.

Anyway, I gotta get going… My daily workout it calling me! And my neighbor who is gonna come running with me lol

Like I said – Happy Holidays! God bless all of you and your families! And please keep my friend John, his family and my family in your prayers! Love all of you so much! Thanks for stopping by!


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