Happy New Year From The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Lars Iversen of checked in with fans on the Danish alternative pop group’s blog at MySpace (@theasteroidsgalaxytour) on Wednesday (December 31), wishing readers a Happy New Year. Iversen writes:

Hi folks!
Alright, this is our happy new year blog…

but hey, seriously, we mean it…!! :)

Please please please DO have a tremendous ridiculously happiest of all happy new years!!! We will certainly be doin our best here in the galaxy!

Right now Mette is warming up in Thailand while I am coolin’ down at my parents summer house at the stoney shores of freezing cold Denmark, far far and away from the city and civilization.

But it’s NOT summer here! But no regrets, I have a fireplace and lots of carved wood here to keep me warm and alive. And it’s beautiful up here. The air is crystal clear (and clean!) as I am sitting by my fireplace overviewing the sea in my biggest and warmest woolen sweater… I love it. And guess what I brought with me up here (apart from my girlfriend..?) : My little mobile recording studio including a guitar, bass, keyboard, a microphone and my MacBook. Yes, new songs will be born here! I hope that some day you’ll get to know them – by heart :)
Have a great new years eve!!
See you in 09.


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