Happy Thanksgiving 2010 Twitter Messages

Several artists are sending out their happy Thanksgiving wishes to their Twitter followers today and expressing what they are thankful for. Among them:

(@selenagomez): Happy thanksgiving everyone. I can’t even describe how thankful I am for y’all! Love you

Kina Grannis (@kinagrannis): happy thanksgiving! so much to be grateful for. amazing family, friends, & of course, all of you. thank you for letting me do what i love <3 Anna Margaret (@TalkToAnna): Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! Eat a lot! And have so much to be thankful for!!:):) Matt Nathanson (@mattnathanson): happy turkey/tofurkey day to you all. Jason Mraz (@jason_mraz): I thought I had a lot of twitter followers. But it turns out 1.2 million of them are my cousins. Happy Thanksgiving Family! Millionaires (@themillionaires): Happy Thanksgiving Bitches! We're thankful for EVERY ONE OF YOU! We love you all! We got your back :) #DGAF Fefe Dobson (@fefedobson): Happy happy Thanksgiving to all those in the US of A!!!!!! :) Brooke White (@realbrookewhite): I am thankful to be alive, to experience, to love and to be loved, today and everyday... Happy Thanksgiving :) Aleesia (@aleesiamusic): Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends :) Jessica Origliasso of The Veronicas (@Jessicaveronica): is thankful for Love. Happy Thanksgiving to all the lovers. Cady Groves (@cadygroves): I haven't washed my hair or worn underwear for upwards of over 2 days now. I'm also sitting alone in my apartment with no food. #happythanksgiving Matt Wertz (@mattwertz): Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! I'm so thankful for you allowing me to do what I do! I hope the day is filled with love and warmth in your homes!

Elliott Yamin (@elliottyamin): Happy turkey day y’all!…I’m thankful for my health, wonderful family and friends!… What are you thankful for? ..And thankful to be afforded the opportunity to make a living doing what I love, in 1 of the toughest businesses around!

Keana Texeira (@KeanaTexeira): Happy Thanksgiving babies. Thank you God for everything you have given me, you will forever be with me in everything I do <3 Praise God! Bonnie McKee (@BonnieMcKeee): Today I am grateful for my family and loved ones, my incredible collaborators,&the incredible energy&luck the universe has bestowed upon me! Also I'm grateful for gravy. (@alex_band): Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I'm thankful to have such amazing supportive fans! All the love... Adam Levine (@adamlevine): I'm thankful for not being a turkey. It's a rough day for those little fighters... Esmée Denters (@esmeeworld): Happy Thanksgiving you all!! X Jordan Pruitt (@Jordansblog): Happy Thanksgiving!!! Gobble Gobble! http://twitpic.com/3a4zas Official Hot Mess (@OfficialHotMess): #thankful for our friends and family-wishing you all a blessed and #HappyThanksgiving Nick Jonas (@nickjonas): Happy Thanksgiving everybody! David Cook (@thedavidcook): Hope everyone had/is having a great holiday. Kris Allen (@KrisAllen): Ate. Pooped. Round 2 here we come! Katelyn Tarver (@katelyntarver): Having to spend this holiday away from my family for the first time is making me all the more thankful for them. Happy Thanksgiving! Deborah Gibson (@DeborahGibson): Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am so thankful to have you all in my life :) David Archuleta (@DavidArchie): ..share our blessings with others." Happy Thanksgiving everyone! (@justinbieber): #HappyThanksgiving from this Canadian. we all have so much to be #thankful for....I'm #thankful for the love of my family friends and of course all of you.... I could write a whole book saying all that I'm #thankful for...but let me just say that every new day is another blessing. #HappyThanksgiving Ashley Tisdale (@ashleytisdale): Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!! My man and I are making breakfast for my family. yaya!!!!! Ferras (@OhFerras): Happy thanksgiving! May everyone's turkey get STUFFED and BASTED! A cornucopia of delights await you inside the horn-o-plenty! :P Katharine McPhee (@katharinemcphee): I almost slept away Thanksgiving day. That little magic pill does the trick! Nonetheless, Happy HAPPY Thanksgiving! Love you all. Sandi Thom (@Sandi_Thom): Happy Thanksgiving! It's my first & I'm spending it here in Nashville with my handsome boy Joe. Good job I like canned cranberries! Destinee & Paris (@DestineeParis): HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! TO ALL OUR AMAZING FANS, FAMILY AND FRIENDS WE SEND ALL OUR LOVE AND THANKS! Eat lots of turkey & pumpkin pie XOXO Michelle Branch (@michellebranch): Happy Thanksgiving!! Drinking coffee, snuggled up with Owen watching the Macy's Parade. Made enough dough for 6 pies yesterday. Soon I bake. What are you thankful for? I'm thankful for my family, my friends and our health. Let's pause and think of those less fortunate today xo

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