Harry Morton And Lindsay Lohan Party At Hyde & Leave Separately

was videotaped at Hyde in Hollywood on Saturday night (September 23), along with rumored ex Harry Morton. The Pink Taco CEO was quizzed about whether he and Lindsay had indeed split, but he said “no comment” but advised, “Don’t believe everything you read in the press.”

Footage from TMZ.com has since been removed.

Lindsay Working Overtime To Win Back Harry

met up with Harry Morton at the Pink Taco CEO’s West Hollywood office on Saturday afternoon (September 23), appearing to be having a serious discussion in wake of news that they’ve ended their romance. The singer/actress then took off in her Mercedes roadster. X17 has since removed the video.

Did Lindsay Tell Cops Paparazzi Were Brandishing?

X17 spoke with on Saturday after she had allegedly called police the previous night claiming someone in a car next to her had a gun the previous night, resulting in a swarm of police arresting two snappers before later letting them go. X17 has since removed the video.

Lindsay And Paris In An Argument?

TMZ contacted Paris Hilton’s publicist Elliot Mintz about Perez Hilton’s report his client and Lindsay Lohan got into an argument over rumors Paris had hit on Lindsay’s boyfriend Harry Morton. “I was at the party, I remember Lindsay arriving and them having a lovely conversation by the pool,” Mintz insisted. “They seemed to have gotten along just fine and only polite words were exchanged.”

Are Lindsay Lohan & Harry Morton Broken Up?

Lindsay Lohan and Harry Morton split up Thursday, multiple sources confirmed to People – but now they seem to be speaking again. “They are together now,” Lohan’s rep told the magazine. A source close to the actress added: “They argue, they don’t argue.” At the moment, “They’re communicating. They’re hanging out. Whatever’s going to transpire there is going to transpire.”

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