Harry Morton And Lindsay Lohan ‘Slowing Things Down’

Harry Morton tells ‘Extra’ correspondent Carlos Diaz he and Lindsay Lohan are “slowing things down.” The Pink Taco CEO said, “Lindsay is an amazing girl and we’re just sort of taking a little breather right now.”

The video at TMZ.com has since been removed.

Lindsay’s Dad Denies Claims From Anonymous Fellow Inmate

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael has responded to an anonymous letter sent to The New York Daily News claiming he’s a blowhard who boasts about his famous daughter.

“It just goes to show you that jealous people will go to any lengths to destroy a person’s character,” the Collins Correctional Facility resident told Lloyd Grove. “I would never discuss my children or my family or my business with individuals in here. I have absolutely no interest in anything other than mending fences with all of my children. … Mr. Poison Pen is a coward – probably one of the many rats that come through this institution with a price on their head.”

Lohan added: “To my children Michael, Ali, Cody and Lindsay, I love you all as one in the same – and that’s all that matters to me.”

Lindsay Lohan Blew It, Says Harry Morton Pal

A lifelong pal of Harry Morton tells The Chicago Sun-Times that Lindsay Lohan let a good one get away. “Lindsay blew it. Harry is the best, most patient guy in the world — but only up to a point,” the source said. “If she doesn’t win him back, she’s really missed out — big time.”

Was Lindsay And Harry’s Publicity Generating Romance Real?

Janet Charlton reports that Lindsay Lohan’s romance with Harry Morton may have been arranged by the publicist they share who set them up to meet last summer at a beach house. The publicist had arrangements to share information with the tabloids in a bid to make the Pink Taco CEO famous. After Lindsay developed real feelings for Harry, he decided to cut off the publicity generating coupling. Read more.

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