Harry Morton & Lindsay Lohan: On A Break

After a romance of less than three months, Harry Morton and are on a break, Morton tells ‘Extra’. “We’re just sort of taking a little breather right now and slowing things down,” the 25-year-old Taco CEO said in an interview set to air Thursday night. “A lot of people started saying we’re engaged. It put a lot of pressure on things. … We need a little space.”

Lindsay Lohan Visits Cartier

Lindsay Lohan was videotaped making a trip to Cartier in Beverly Hills sporting a “Team Harry” cap, even though she had hooked up on the previous night with Stavros Niarchos. Morton had picked up a ring for Lindsay at the same Cartier store, prompting speculation she was returning the bauble.

Lindsay Lohan Rebounds With Stavros Niarchos?

TMZ caught up with Lindsay Lohan at Dragonfly nightclub in Hollywood Sunday evening, where several sources inside the club claim she was making out with Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos. Lohan had just days earlier been dumped by Harry Morton, but had been seen with the Taco CEO after the alleged split.

Lindsay Lohan ‘Too Leechy And Dependent’… Gets Dumped

A source tells The New York Daily News Harry Morton has indeed ended his romance with Lindsay Lohan, who was seen quickly on the rebound with Paris Hilton’s on/off boyfriend, shipping heir Stavros Niarchos. “Harry says they are finished,” the insider revealed. “He says that she is always on her Blackberry and is too leechy and dependent. Also, Harry is sober, which is hard, because she is not.”

Lindsay Lohan Lashes Out At Paparazzi

After catching a Spazmatics show at Dragonfly in Hollywood, Lindsay Lohan emerged from the club in a foul mood. While being escorted out of the club by bodyguards covering her with sheets, an angry Lohan told photogs, “Fu** off and die.”

Footage from TMZ.com has since been removed.

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