Harvey Levin Discusses Britney Spears’ UCLA Psych Ward Stay

TMZ’s Harvey Levin appeared on ‘Good Day LA’ on Friday (February 1) with more details on Britney Spears’ condition in the psych ward at UCLA Medical Center. Levin said despite the troubled pop tart not sleeping for three days before her hospital visit, the core issue is bipolar disorder. “Her problem isn’t that she can take an Ambien and go to bed,” he said. “Her problem is bipolar.” Levin also commented on the California congressman who is pushing legislation to prevent paparazzi from crowding celebrities, saying that when TMZ camped outside the singer’s home they were threatened by other paparazzi for invading their “turf”.

In another clip (bottom sidebar), Levin talked about the war between Britney’s parents Lynne and Jamie Spears and her manager/pal Sam Lutfi. He claimed that it wasn’t Lutfi who called Barbara Walters, but the other person in the house (Britney). “She’s a really sick woman, who is really volatile, and that’s what they’re dealing with at UCLA,” Levin said.

The video at myfoxla.com has since been removed.

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