Harvey Levin On Madonna & Guy Ritchie Divorce Speculation

TMZ’z Harvey Levin returned from his vacation just in time to appear on ‘Good Day LA’ on Friday (June 27) to give the scoop on rumors and Guy Ritchie are headed towards divorce. Levin said during his vacation in London, he went to see Madonna’s home in Kensington. “They’re building a three story gym attached to her house,” Levin observed. When Harvey approached a construction worker and said he thought he’d seen Guy riding a bicycle a few blocks away, the worker told him that Guy is never there. “He never comes to this house,” the worker said. “She’s always alone.”

Harvey also talked about and how after she gave birth, the 17-year-old has left her home and is living at her mom’s Kentwood home. Levin said that news Laura Wasser is close to returning to working with Britney is a good sign the troubled pop tart is turning herself around.

The video at myfoxla.com has since been removed.

Madonna’s Work Schedule A Prime Source Of Tension With Guy Ritchie

June 29, 2008 – A source close to and Guy Ritchie spoke with the Daily Mail about the growing speculation that her marriage to the film director is nearing an end. “Every couple of years, it’s the same story,” the source revealed. “She makes a record. She tours to promote it. It causes chaos in their lives. He complains. They fight – a lot. The tour ends. She promises ‘never again’. Two years go by, and then she plans another record and another tour.”

The source insisted that divorce talk is not something new for the couple. “The possibility that they might divorce has been the elephant in the room between Madonna and Guy for at least the last two years,” the insider claimed. “Neither of them is shocked about it. They both knew it was coming.” Read more.

‘The Early Show’ On Madonna And Guy Richie’s Rumored Split

June 27, 2008 – Rumors of splitsville for Madonna and Guy Ritchie have been whirling around, now lawyers are reportedly involved. Mark Phillips reported on the developments this morning on ‘The Early Show’, talking with British gossip guru Neil Sean. “I think we saw it coming quite a long while ago,” Neil said. “If you study Madonna’s sort of progression musically, there’s a lot of songs on those albums that short of say, really, quite lyrically, how unhappy she’s been for awhile.” Watch the segment below the cut.

‘Today’ Reports On Madonna And Guy Richie Swirling Divorce Rumors

June 27, 2008 – The ‘Today’ show reported on rumors Madonna and husband Guy Richie are headed towards a divorce after seven years of marriage. “We’re talking about $600 million here, so she’s going to want someone to look out for cash, especially since there’s a reportedly no prenup, so she could be in dangerous territory,” E! Online’s Ted Casablanca said. Ted said one of the sticking points between them is Madonna’s desire to adopt more children. Watch the segment, aired this morning, below.

Madonna And Guy Ritchie Sleep In Separate Hotel Rooms In Milan

June 26, 2008 – The Sun reports that when Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie took a three day holiday in Milan, Italy, the couple slept in separate hotel rooms. “They had completely separate rooms, schedules, everything,” a source close to Madge and Guy told Gordon Smart. “It is all very well organized but it’s not a marriage the way most people understand it. They have this attitude like ‘we’re not really a couple but we’re friends and we love each other and raise our kids’.” Read more.

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