Hate Mail Re: Lindsay Lohan Finally Gets Samatha To Respond

Samatha Ronson checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Saturday (June 2), finally alluding to what’s been going on with her pal Lindsay Lohan and her alleged role in conspiring with paparazzi to top off where Lindsay will be for cash.

“I can’t help it… My favorite message i have received so far,” she writes. “If people are gonna write nasty messages, I wish they would have the decency to learn how to spell first… Let’s see how many errors there are here… I feel like this is one of those fun travel puzzles…. Feel free to leave the number on the author’s page… I left the address at the bottom! ;)”

The way the critic’s claim Samantha opened the car door for a better X17 shot doesn’t match the evidence.

Lindsay’s Late Night Boozing Prompted Blow-Up With Samantha

TMZ has learned that Lindsay Lohan’s argument with Samantha Ronson that led the DJ to storm out of her condo early Saturday morning was caused by Samantha urging Lindsay to slow down her wild behavior. After arguing, Samantha stormed out and an apologetic Lindsay followed. After picking Ronson up, the return trip led to Lohan wrecking her Mercedes and being charged with a DUI. Read more.

Lindsay Lohan’s Don’t Drink And Drive PSA & More

In a public service announcement filmed backstage at the Y100.7 Summer Splash event in Sunrise, Florida, back on May 25, 2005, the guys from Simple Plan along with DUI crash survivor and current Promises rehab vacationer Lindsay Lohan ask you not to “drink and drive” and to be “safe.” The video and a report on the troubled 20-year-old at the ‘Access Hollywood’ web site has since been removed.

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