Have Ashlee Simpson And Ryan Cabrera Reunited?

Ashlee Simpson and are sending signals they are back together. Us Weekly reports that Simpson was spoted picking up an ‘I love Ryan’ cosmetic bag at Kitson boutique in Los Angeles on September 28th. Then on October 13th, the pair were eyed “holding hands and smiling” leaving Nacional in Los Angeles at 2 AM.

Simpson Sisters Launch AmEx Card In Mouth Trend

Jessica Simpson and sister Ashlee Simpson were photographed with American Express credit cards in their mouths in California the other day, though only Jessica had the coveted Centurion Card.

Billboard Updates For Ryan Cabrera, Ashlee Simpson, And Others

Contributed anonymously:

Ashlee Simpson’s single, ‘Pieces of Me’ has dropped 3 places to #16 while ex-flame, Ryan Carbera’s single stays at #15. proves that she isn’t just a one-hit wonder, her single ‘Breakaway’ moves up 2 places, to #12 on the Hot 100, while Avril Lavigne stays at #9 with ‘My Happy Ending’.

MADtv Spoofed Ashlee Simpson

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On episode # 1003 MADtv made fun of how all Ashlee Simpson said on her MTV reality show is that she’s not like Jessica Simpson. That she’s edgy and has cool punk brown hair. At one point Michael McDonald as Joe Simpson gives Nicole Parker as Ashlee a picture and says, The boobs don’t look big enough.” Ashlee (Parker) says, “but this Is Jessica” (with country accent). Joe says, “Right your the one with the nose.” This MADtv episode viewed at YouTube.

Ashlee Simpson Loves Kids

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Ashlee Simpson talked to Teen People about her devotion to the less fortunate. “I grew up performing, but I also really love kids. So I’ve been working with operation smile recently, helping them raise money for reconstructive surgeries for underprivileged children who are born with cleft palates and lips. Most of these children live in developing countries. These operations make a huge difference to the kids. It’s beautiful for a kid to be able to smile. It makes them comfortable and confident. It brings them hope.”

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5 thoughts on “Have Ashlee Simpson And Ryan Cabrera Reunited?

  1. SpiceSquirrel says:

    Ashlee Simpson just screwed up big time on SNL! She was supposed to start “singing” her second song of the night when the vocal track of the FIRST song she sang started playing instead and she was left with MAJOR egg on her face! She walked off the stage in shame!

  2. libby says:

    It was one of the funniest moments on the show! She really screwed up. After they cut quickly to commercial she blamed her band for the mistake. At least they didn’t run off the stage. If she wasn’t lip syncing they could have started over.

  3. alm81 says:

    LOL! Thanks for the clip, Spicesquirrel. Whoa, that was so freakin hilarious! What was with the funky chicken dance she was doing?? ha ha ha… That has to be the funniest 30 seconds in TV history. I can’t stop laughing

  4. JuniorGirl04 says:

    Kelly Clarkson isn’t a one-hit wonder anyway…she had two very successful singles and one moderately successful one. I don’t even like her that much and I wouldn’t call her that.

  5. sweetheart_805 says:

    I heard that Clay’s Christmas CD (which is getting released soon I think) has already pre sold hundreds of thousands of copies on amazon, so it looks like he’ll be back on the charts soon.

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