Have Fans Forgot Enrique? Search Interest Says Yes

Searches for Enrique Iglesias on Yahoo!’s pay-per-search engine
Overture.com for the month of September show a disturbing lack of interest
for the star who is beginning to re-enter the pop scene. Searches for “Enrique
Iglesias ticket” at 52,633 for the month topped “Enrique Iglesias” at 39,160,
likely due to affiliate links pointing to the more profitable query. The
figure is only about 1/6 the interest in John Mayer, and about 1/19 the
interest in Justin Timberlake in the same period. ‘Hero’ was Enrique’s most searched song for the month with 1,451 queries. Enrique Inglesias topped the misspellings for September with 12,487 searches.

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