Have You Noticed This With Britney Spears?

Contributed Anonymously:

Just a thought. No one might care, but, I am really worried about the decisions is making and the fact that the people closest too her are just going along with it so she won’t throw a fit or get upset or whatever. Mainly the marriage and here is why. I thought she was in therapy, WHY they haven’t called her on this I don’t know, but ever since January she has had an unhealthy obsession with being married.

She rushed into marriage in Vegas because she ‘wanted to know what it felt like’, then if u remember, she was sporting that fake engagement ring and when asked she giggled and said, ‘it’s just for fun, its fake.’ Then SHE proposes to a guy weeks after dating him. It just worries me, and WHY has none of her therapists or MOM even brought this up to her? It is so clear she is trying to fill a void or find happiness in this obsession with marriage,

I don’t think it matters who she marries, she is just convinced being married will make her happy. And hell Kevin is broke with no real career, why would he NOT go along with it? I just see this ending very badly because she is in it for the wrong reasons. She is not thinking clearly, and while it is no ones right to judge, it is our obligation to help a friend or loved one out and call them out on stuff when it is sooo obvious they are a little messed up and looking at something through rose covered glasses.

I mean, you of all people study her, am I the only one seeing this obsession with getting married that has been going on since last January? SOMETHING is very wrong there. And the way she is treating his kids, it’s like she is playing house. It’s just very scary and clearly not right. Especially when she makes statements like, ‘I am sure Shar and I will become the best of friends.’ Umm, no. Tolerant maybe, but best friends…lol.

In hoping to ‘make herself happy’, I think she is just trying to fill that void with the wrong thing. She just needs to get herself straightened out and become happy purely by HERSEL and THEN get married. As it is now, all I can see is this ending badly. Just wanted to see, if anyone else has seen this obsession and how it plays a part in all this, or if it was just me.

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