Having Good Music In The Music Industry Is An Asset, Not A Requirement

Contributed anonymously:

For a while I’ve been wondering what would happen to our musical icons of today if MTV didn’t exist. Would be the huge pop star she is now if it weren’t for the image she first presented? Could she survive in the industry on her voice alone? MTV and other video channels have completely killed any hope of restoring the music back into the music industry. Basically if a song doesn’t have a good video or if the singer doesn’t make good eye candy that artist’s career is essentially non-existent.

I for one don’t think Britney could make it as just as singer. But she’s not the only one. Hilary Duff, is the one that really bugs me. Her ‘music’ is completely garbage. She’s parlayed her film success into a music career. One in which she doesn’t even use her own voice. Even in this new movie she’s lip-synchs to the voice of someone else (I saw the previews for it at a showing of Taxi). Now even is taking her film success and turning it into a music career. Even though I like Lindsay and her song ‘Rumors’, she doesn’t really have a voice. Maybe I’m judging to soon but from all I can hear in that song is her talking to the beat and then a mechanical voice in the chorus.

To sum it all up Videos killed the radio star. Today all it takes to get play on the radio is being sexy and or having success in other areas (Hello Jennifer, Hilary, and Lindsay!). Once again I say having good music in the music industry is now an asset not a requirement.

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