Hawnay Troof ‘Said Once’ Video

Hawnay Troof (Vice Cooler) is out with the music video to his new single ‘Said Once’. “The video for “Said Once” started out as a horror film idea between myself and Joey Mansfield,” Cooler says. “We had a narrative by October 2009 but hadn’t shot anything. We had bought a really minimal security camera from this local weirdo who calls himself Cowboy Joe who sells weird junk he finds out of his truck at the swap meet. He’s pretty Bay Area in the sense that he thinks he is a cowboy and never bathes. Once we did some test shots we asked him to star in it. Fortunately he agreed and I have to say this successfully comes out as a very creepy clip.” ‘Said Once’ was directed by Vice Cooler and Joey Mansfield, and assistants included Sean Nieves, Ari Fish and Ricky Marler. Watch it via YouTube below.

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