Hayes Talked With Kylie Minogue About Bad Press

Christie Eliezer of Australia’s Beat Magazine spoke with former Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes who still sounds steamed over some of the negative press he got saying his album hasn’t done well in the U.S. and that his label dropped a $650,000 video shot in Sydney because they didn’t like his new blonde surfer look. “Mentally, the bullsh** knocked me for six,” Hayes reveals. “I took it personally for six weeks. Now I can laugh about it and take the piss out of myself. I spoke to Kylie Minogue when we caught up in New York, and she told me not to take it personally, that you’re roasted and toasted. I was saying to her, I don’t understand it. I’m not being slapped on the back for making a great record. Her advice was, Go where the sun shines. I mean, what we in Australia did to Kylie went beyond cruel. Now the world is kissing her ass. It reminds me, people never love you as much as you think, and people don’t hate as much as you think. You can’t take it personally.”

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