Hayley Sales Resists Radio Single Driven Shallow Music

is featured on the cover of Vancouver Life Magazine, where the 21-year-old singer-songwriter talked about the importance of her music and lyrics to be genuine. “I see so much music being made. It’s fun music but it’s very shallow; it’s very much just a quick fix and it’s not very real to me,” Sales tells VLM’s Gary Barclay. “It’s based on radio singles and, you know, people dancing around in as little clothes as they can … a lot of it. I’ve started to see recently people like Ben Harper and the Jack Johnsons of the world – I mean, there are tons of people starting to write songs that are actually honest and are capturing the human experience again and communicating. I think that’s so important because music is one of the most fantastic mediums for connection between the person sitting next to you or you and a million people. It’s something that everyone understands. It’s really important that my songs are completely honest and completely me and I don’t hide.”

The full story at vlmonline.ca has since been removed.

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