Haylie Duff & Paulina Rubio In Cat Fight

Paulina Rubio 'Paulatina'

Contributed Anonymously:

I was at Spider Club in L.A. on Friday, and to my surprise, Hilary Duff and her sister Haylie Duff were there, along with Paulina Rubio. They were in the V.I.P. section hanging out with their own crowd. After a while, everyone’s attention went towards their crowd, and the next thing I saw was Paulina Rubio and Haylie Duff were fighting. All I got to see was Haylie and Paulina grabbing each other by the hair, and fists were also thrown. It happened so quick because they got seperated. To my surprise, Haylie was thrown out of the club (apparently because she slapped her first), and her sister Hilary followed her. I just had to know the gossip so I went over to one of the girls that were close by, and she told me that she overheard that Hilary and Haylie were talking and pointing at Paulina and laughing and Paulina confronted them, and that is when Haylie and Paulina started going at it.

Paulina Rubio & Boyfriend Attend Birthday Party In Ibiza

August 6, 2005 – Paulina Rubio was photographed with her new boyfriend Colate Vallejo-Najera arriving at Pino Sagliocco’s birthday party in Ibiza on Tuesday (August 2).

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10 thoughts on “Haylie Duff & Paulina Rubio In Cat Fight

  1. RPL10991 says:

    hahaha the horse sisters sound like huge *****es!! I wish I could see that!

  2. lilsongwritergal says:

    Hilarys a ***** and her sister is to….Is this news?

  3. Evilkitty says:

    Guys shes just jealous cause Hilary is PuNK now.. so she had to start a fight she prove she was hardcore. HA She probably slapped her with her nose. I don’t think this is real though.. wasn’t punk rock Hilary on tour?

  4. popstar says:

    Anyone notice the recent interest Haylie has taken in starting trouble? Hanging up on Lindsay, starting a fight with Paulina.

  5. astrange1 says:

    This story is bs for a number of reasons. First, as evilkitty said, the girl is on tour. Second, everyone knows she would have gotten Joel to fight her. Hailey would only have jumped in when Joel started getting his ass kicked. Last, anonymous left in a logical inconsistency. She said the fight took place over in the VIP section but then said she went over to ask some of the girls close by what happened. Yeah, I really believe they would let you in the VIP area…not.

  6. WaneInTheZone says:

    Good, I hope Paulina mopped the floor with that white bitch…She should’ve decked Hilary in the mouth and knocked out all her horse teeth. Haylie should’ve known better than to tool around with a real latin’ woman. Take that sh|t to Christina Aguilera.

  7. jazzprofounder says:

    This is a bunch of BS. The fact that this person didn’t have the balls to post their name says it all. Anybody can write a lame story about an incident between two celebrities fighting.

  8. bulls23 says:

    learn ur facts shes done on tour till 23 dummy so go learn ur facts second of all Joel wasn’t wit her he was over in miami so go read or learn facts :(

  9. astrange1 says:

    I know you’re too stupid to figure this out but…’, ‘First the Joel comment was an example of something called sarcasm. There are these things called dictionaries – look it up. Second, Hilary Duff is still on tour. Do you think I would post that comment if I didn’t check first? Obviously you would but fortunately I possess more native intelligence than you. Just check Hilary’s website – she was in Allentown, PA on Friday (September 2) and Syracuse, NY on Saturday (September 3). hilaryduff.com/html_2003/main_site/frameset_NORMAL.htm Well now that you’ve made a total fool of yourself, go back to your cave with your tail between your legs and grow yourself a cerebral cortex before you tangle with me again. You can look that one up too.

  10. hipon says:

    Haylie Duff looks like a falcon’, ‘Haylie ¨I don’t have a CD¨ Duff is not hot like her sister and her songs are about girls going out to the mall. Im sure Paulina beat the ***** out of her, since we all know Paulina is aggressive and she often gets into fights not only with women but with everybody

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