Healer Claims Britney Has ‘Extraordinary Mental Powers’

Malibu based healer Allan Wicombe has more to say about his recent treatment of Britney Spears. He tells In Touch magazine that while messaging Spears’ head during treatment to alleviate blockages in her “inner spirit”, his fingers stiffened. “Her mental powers were extraordinary,” Wicombe said. “My fingers froze and were paralyzed for hours after she left. That rarely happens.”

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One thought on “Healer Claims Britney Has ‘Extraordinary Mental Powers’

  1. Darlene Houston says:

    I went to Nicky, and I have to tell you that he is fabulous. Your story mentions that he treated Britney Spears, I am sure that Nicky has provided many famous people with healings. In my opinion, he is one of the best out there. He is a very nice guy, and definitely has great healing abilities. When I came to Nicky, I had trouble with my hip, after three treatments, my pain is now completely gone. I highly recommend him to anyone who might need any healings. He has the magical touch. Darlene from Torrance, CA.

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