Hear’Say Suzanne Shaw Pregnant

The Sunday Mirror reports Darren Day and his girlfriend are expecting their first child. Reformed romeo Darren, 35, said: “I am the most excited man in the world. I am absolutely overjoyed at the news and I really can’t wait to become a father.” Former Hear’Say singer Suzanne, 22, added: “It was a bit of a shock, but I’m really pleased to be pregnant. It really will make our family complete when the baby is born.”

Ex-Hear’Say Singer Forms Rock Band In Bid For Credibility

October 13, 2003 – The Daily Star reports former Hear’Say star Suzanne Shaw has formed a rock band. She says, “I want it to be a true band, and I’ll just be a regular member, not Suzanne, the girl who used to be in Hear’Say.”

Actor Fumes That Ex-Hear’Say Singer Three-Timed Him

September 7, 2003 – Devastated actor Pete Hillier, the secret boyfriend of former Hear’Say singer Suzanne Shaw told The People how she three-timed him with her fiance and love rat Darren Day. “I thought Darren was a friend but he’s nothing but a lying, cheating, devious rat,” Hillier fumed. “When I asked him if there was something going on with him and Suzanne he promised me nothing was happening. Then I discovered that not only had she been cheating on Terry but she’d been cheating on me with Darren. He can’t control himself with women and Suzanne’s a tart. They’re welcome to each other.”

Former Hear’Say Singer Cheated On Fiance With Two Guys

August 30, 2003 – Former Hear’Say singer Suzanne Shaw has told News of the World how she already had two lovers on the go, including fiance Terry Adams and ‘Summer Holiday’ co-star Peter Hillier, when she slept with serial seducer Darren Day. “He’s always called a love rat and perhaps I will be too,” Shaw explained. “I’m sorry for all the hurt I’ve caused, But Darren’s the love of my life—the best lover I’ve ever had. When we first had sex it was fantastic. We have a better sex life than I ever did with Pete or Terry. Some people can just hit your buttons and Darren does that for me. I fancy everything about him. He’s got the most amazing eyes in the world, the sexiest body and the hugest…I won’t go there!”

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  1. getalifeyall says:

    Typical British female…unmarried and knocked up. Incredible morals!

  2. Jenna-Taylia says:

    You should take note of your name and ‘get a life’. It IS the year 2004, not 1904. Jeez!

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