Hear’Say Wiping Out Kym On Greatest Hits

The Daily Star reports Hear’Say are having the vocals from ex member wiped off of their greatest hits list. No word if new member Johnny Shentall will replace Kym on the tracks.

Kym Marsh Forced To Give Up Free Hear’Say Car

March 3, 2002 – The Sun reports Kym was forced to give up the free 206 Coupe Cabriolet she received from Peugeot in July of last year. The car was presented as a gift to each of the members of Hear’Say to drive around and promote the automaker. A source revealed, “Kym was quite shocked that they wanted the car back. She was under the impression the cars were a gift to her and the other band members and thought it was mean of them to demand she return hers.”

Hear’Say Easter Eggs With Kym Marsh Given Away

February 14, 2002 – According to the new edition of the Popbitch.com newsletter, a former Hear’Say roadie was spotted offering free Hear’Say Easter Eggs. Apparently there over 100,000 in a Hounslow warehouse, all with former group member Kym’s face on them – so they need to be eaten. No word if they’ll be replaced with new member Johnny Shentall.

Kym Marsh Deal With OK Magazine For Wedding In Jeopardy

February 13, 2002 – Peoplenews.com reports the OK! magazine deal that former Hear’Say singer Kym and EastEnder Jack Ryder had is in jeopardy following reports that her former bandmates refuse to take part in the wedding. When she signed the GBP300,000 deal, it was agreed that the band would perform and that and would be bridesmaids.

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One thought on “Hear’Say Wiping Out Kym On Greatest Hits

  1. Syndney says:

    What? Hear say has only been around for about a year and 1/2 and they are going to have a Greatest Hits cd. That is as out there as 98* degrees having a Greatest Hits collections. What are these executives at these labels thinking. I forgot the mighty $$ sign.

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