Heartache For Charlotte Church’s Estraged Father

News of the World spoke with Stephen Reed, who spoke of his desperate bid to make contact with 19-year-old daughter Charlotte Church. Reed said the last time he had contacted his daughter was in 2002, when she had run away to be with her first boyfriend, Steven Johnson. “I called at the Johnson house and was in the dining room, with Charlotte upstairs in the bedroom,” Reed said. “Her boyfriend actually rang her mobile and told her I was there. She didn’t believe him, so he handed me the phone. Taking a deep breath, I said, ‘Hi Charlotte, it’s Steve Reed, your dad.’ She said, ‘You’ve been speaking to the papers.’ I told her I hadn’t, but she didn’t say anything for a short time—then she hung up. I was destroyed by that.”

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3 thoughts on “Heartache For Charlotte Church’s Estraged Father

  1. popstar says:

    please, she’d be happy to have any paper write anything about her.

  2. Thehottie says:

    She is not at all interesting.Just a blabber mouth who thinks only of herself.

  3. jude says:

    Charlotte is a naughty girl. She’s opened her legs for some very lucky dudes.

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