Heated Words Between Jordan And Javine

The Sun reports that , aka Jordan, taunted her Eurovision rival at a club the other night, saying: “This from last, third from last. You lost Eurovision, you lost it. What’s happening to your music career now?” That prompted Javine to respond, “At least I’ve got an album coming out next year.” Fortunately, Jordan’s boyfriend was able to keep things from becoming violent. “Peter Andre had to hold [Jordan] back,” an onlooker revealed. “It got very heated.”

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2 thoughts on “Heated Words Between Jordan And Javine

  1. MusicTodayBlows says:

    Two no-talents fighting

  2. embo says:

    I lurve these 2 z-listers! I have more boobs than brain that’s why Nick Carter and Javine went so good together

    I mean they hav more boob than brain, my bad’

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