Hecklers Cause Ashlee Simpson To Run Off In Tears

The National Enquirer reports that when went shopping with a couple female pals at Red Balls boutique on Melrose Avenue, she had to endure taunts from four late-teen girls. One shouted “You’re a FAKER!”, while another said, “You have NO talent, Ashlee… and you’re not as pretty as your sister!” A sobbing Simpson ran off to her car while on of her pals told the hecklers: “Look what you’ve done… I hope you’re happy now!” A witness heard the tearful Simpson wail, “I don’t know if I can take much more of this… it sucks… it REALLY SUCKS!”

Teen People And UNICEF Auction

Teen People and have teamed up to auction off some items from your favorite stars to benefit UNICEF. Ashlee, who’s Teen People’s March cover girl, hit up her famous friends for donations, including her sister Jessica Simpson, her boyfriend Ryan Cabrera, and others.

Ashlee Simpson Climbs The Charts

Contributed Anonymously:

Ashlee Simpson has proven that she can with stand set backs in her career. Ashlee’s album took a bigger hit after the Orange Bowl than after Saturday Night Live. After the Orange Bowl, “Autobiography” dropped to #84 on The Billboard 200. The next week, however, she jumped to #60 and then just recently, back into the top 50 at #46 earning her the ‘pacesetter’ title. Her third single, “La La” just debuted on The Billboard Hot 100 making that her third charting single on Billboard. The fact is, Ashlee continues to have success and that may be the biggest slap in the face to her opponents.

Ashlee Simpson Gets Eye Surgery

Recently, Ashlee Simpson got Lasix eye surgery to improve her eye sight. The surgery will be featured on one of the upcoming episode of ‘The Ashlee Simpson Show’ on MTV.

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6 thoughts on “Hecklers Cause Ashlee Simpson To Run Off In Tears

  1. ihatehilarythemostofall says:

    Man, she’s gotta copy Jessica at everything, doesn’t she? what’s next? copying her at actually being able to sing?

    she should keep her glasses though. big fat rimmed bottle glasses, to hide her ugly face! i hope the doctor did us all a favor and laser burned those big goggles onto her face.

    we all think that everytime we hear her start to “sing”, str8…’, ‘but they do have a voice surgery that would work wonders for her. the same surgery vets do on dogs so they can’t bark anymore. with her, it’s the same.

  2. blayze21 says:

    she should have had the nose done (her an Jessica need it) they would look so much better. and someone filling her butt chin because its gross.. but I think her breast are fine but the voice needs a lot of work.

  3. Cabati says:

    You know, I hate the girl, I think she’s obnoxious and untalented, but I can’t imagine how humiliating and upsetting it would be to be called out in public and in front of your friends. It’s well deserved but still kind of sad.

  4. Melissa957 says:

    The NE is not usually the most reliable source of news, but I hope this is true! I guess I feel bad for her, it’s still really hurtful to hear from strangers (or anyone for that matter) to hear how bad you suck! I’m not a mean spirited person, but I hate no-talent performers. I liked Ashley a lot and was rooting for her until the SNL incident. It just goes to show, you can only hide it for so long.

  5. ihatehilarythemostofall says:

    yep, anybody who could find it in their heart to make fun of sweet, innocent, perfect Hilary would have to be pretty mean. oh wait, anybody who could make fun of sweet, innocent, perfect Hilary can’t even have a heart!

  6. manwithaplan94 says:

    I finally got my hands on her CD and it is actually pretty good. I think she is talented but her mouth gets her into trouble. If she had never made that comment about lipsyncing that SNL incident wouldn’t have backfired on her so bad. If this story is true she needs to get a grip and understand that things like this come with being a superstar. Sometimes people will show you much love and sometimes people will boo and jeer you. She is not the first and will not be the last celebrity to get heckled. I mean come on Kid Rock took a bottle to the face performing live and you didn’t see him crying backstage.

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