Hello Kitty Hello World’ Album Out October 7th

blogged on her MySpace (@mandyventrice) about her track on the new album ‘Hello World’, the first-ever full-length Hello Kitty album in the USA coming out October 7th at Wal-Mart. Mandy writes:

A while back I recorded a song for Hello Kitty’s first full length album, HELLO WORLD, also featuring songs by KeKe Palmer and Cori Yarckin. Long story short…I totally forgot about it, and I just happened to stumble across their MySpace. Low and behold, they are releasing the album October 7th!

You can check out the song on their official MySpace; the track is called Hello Kitty (go figure), and it was written/produced by some wonderful friends of mine!

Listen to Mandy’s track ‘Hello Kitty’, Cori Yarckin’s ‘Do Ya Wanna’, and KeKe Palmer’s ‘Come On Come On’ at myspace.com/hellokittyalbum.

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