Blonde Lindsay Lohan Out In ‘Herbie’ Movie Posters

The New York Post reports that not only did Disney relegate Lindsay Lohan’s new single ‘First’ to the closing credits in ‘Herbie: Fully Loaded’, but they have new posters to promote the film that don’t feature the teen queen nearly as prominently.

“The original poster of the movie was basically of Lindsay – it was a huge picture of her and the car was in the background. But because she dyed her hair blond and lost a drastic amount of weight, the posters started to look dated,” a source explained. “Disney needed to do something because it made them look silly – having a poster for the movie of a big, busty redheaded Lindsay when she’s now a blond twig. So they hastily sent out new posters – one is just of the car, and another is of the car with a tiny, tiny Lindsay and cast members off to the side.”

‘Access’ Host Awed By Paparazzi’s Obsession With Lindsay

Billy Bush of ‘Access Hollywood’ writes on the show’s blog about being at The Ivy with his wife, when Lindsay Lohan also was at the celeb hotspot. Bush writes, “…as soon as she got up to leave, the average looking people standing on the sidewalk mingling began to stir. As she stepped off the last step of the property and ONTO the sidewalk, BAM!!! Cameras came out of raincoats, bags and underarms. They were all paparazzi and they started snapping photos like crazy. She waded through the crowd, turned to wave before getting into the car, and then sped away. It was surreal.”

Will Lindsay Lohan Pose Nude?

In an interview with ‘Access Hollywood’ host Billy Bush, teen star Lindsay Lohan says she will “never” do a nude scene. “You will never see me in a nude scene,” the soon to be 19-year-old said. “Then there’s no mystery for my private life.”

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