Hey Britney: A Public Apology To Ms. Britney Spears

This is not a hard thing for me to do: to say that I am wrong.

I’ve been dissing Britney Spears, the single “Me Against The Music,” and predicting that “In The Zone” will flop. I just listened to MTV’s “The Leak,” (NO, I STILL DON’T HAVE THE CD, as others claim they already have it, when it is yet to be released on 18 November), and I must say I was really blown away! I’m not gonna review it track by track. You have to listen to the tracks yourself. They’re all good (including MATM, which I must say has grown on me with time, ESPECIALLY the remixed version!). I have to say, each song is well-produced, catchy, and, most importantly, HAS melody.

We still don’t know if it will be as successful, commercially, as Britney’s previous CDs, but who cares? The point is: Britney has come up with a good CD with good songs that the radio can play, we can listen to and dance to and have fun with. It’s the music that matters. Also, with this CD, Britney has established herself, finally, as the New that we’ve all been waiting for and that she is here to stay.

Sorry, Britney, and I still love you.

Your fan,

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11 thoughts on “Hey Britney: A Public Apology To Ms. Britney Spears

  1. SJ says:

    MADFAN… Your a f**kin LOSER!. Your making your self look like a wimp. Ms. Spears is not gonna see your apology… and she doesn’t care because you don’t determine her career. Stupid moron! MADFAN = LOSER!

  2. Madfan says:

    No, MARIAH’s fans ARE. Because you can’t face the fact that she’s OVER.

    I’d write one too for Mariah if she can even manage to come up with just 1 single hit

  3. stan says:

    I know this will happen!!!!!! Madfan, You were dissing Britney like you have never liked her before. You were calling her the Queen of Bargain and you wished “In The Zone” to flop. But look here, you couldn’t even make it to one month! You are a loser and I’m sure Britney would be ashamed to have a wannabe fan like you. I liie MATM now blah blah……… It’s too late, all of Britney fans including me (semi-Britney fan) already hated you. Sad.

    Britney wouldn’t even care if she losses you. Millions are devoted to her unlike you.

  4. MariahsMan says:

    LMAO at this load of garbage! Wow…this is funny stuff! An opinion is one thing, but a “public apology” to Britney Spears??? You act as if she read all of your lame comments. You act as if she would care. You really think you’re somebody…that’s hilarious.

  5. mikemc says:

    Madfan is officially the biggest hypocrite in the world!!!! Just weeks ago he/she was riding Mandy Moore’s jock saying how she is SO much better then Britney, and how Britney is talentless and a slut. Now, like 2 weeks later, he’s making public apologies to her, and calling her the next Madonna??? Madfan, you are truly a fool.

  6. MariahsMan says:

    You guys realize why Madfan wrote this “apology” to Britney Spears, right? Because she knew the album was gonna be a big seller, so now she’s kissing Britney’s ass so all of the Brit fans won’t rub it in her face. She has also said she’d write one to Mariah if she “has another hit.” Once again, Madfan has proved she is completely bias. This apology is fake and shady.

  7. breez says:

    That’s good for you MadFan, I hope you have fun listening to your emotionless, immature, shallow Britney records. The new Madonna? She’s wishes!

  8. BritFan5 says:

    I think I’m one of the minority that applauds you on this. It takes a big person to admit when they’re wrong and they’ve made mistakes. It’s cool that you’re doing this. To everyone that’s flipping out over this, just deal with it. After all, you’re the ones that choose to read the responses and get upset. All this coming from a HUGE Britney fan, I say, way to go Madfan, you’ve impressed me, for the moment at least.

  9. B0rntoplay says:

    Madfan: I think you are trying to yank our chains…but if you aren’t, I have this to say… You have regained a lot of respect from me. It takes a lot to admit something from someone you despise is good, and the fact you did it impresses me. Your bashings on Britney were a bit annoying, but the fact you can do this does make me forget a bit. So yeah, I applaud you.

    I’ve been saying since I heard the album that the only way you would dislike this album was if you hated her to begin with. This album is so good it can make a fan out of anyone with an open mind. Madfan, you proved to have just that, an open mind. I’m impressed. But hey, like I said, this album rocks. She did such a good job.

  10. musikluver says:

    hmm.. Madfan.. you sure did give Brit hell!… LOL…. you were all about that bargain bin! If you are sincere in what you say…. then that’s good of you…. anyway the biggest fans are her worst critics in some ways… I’m glad she proved you wrong and everybody else.. she is different in a lot of ways and has grown and matured into a Beautiful woman but kept the child-like charm of hers… and you’re right.. I think everyone has been waiting for a “New Madonna”….and we are seeing that in Britney…… anyway.. keep that bargain bin clean..! you know Christina’s Christmas CD is coming out and you’re gonna need a lot of room!

  11. crazysoul says:

    I just listened to most of the songs on the new MATM album and I’ll have to say that I am now truly a fan of Britney’s music. This comes as a surprise because in the past with her last 3 albums I liked a couple of her songs but didn’t consider myself a “fan,” by any means of the word being that most of her songs sounded pretty much the same and had no depth in the end. I’ve never bought one album because of this. However, with this album, it is clearly obvious that she has expanded on her musical style, which has resulted in such a diverse collection of songs that pleases anyone and everyone. I will be buying a Britney album for the first time; one because most of the songs are intoxicating, and two, to show my support of her. She has gained my respect as she’s truly grown as an artist, contrary to the people who think otherwise.

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