Highlights Of Lights First Week On Tour With Copeland

Canadian singer Lights talks about her tour with Copeland posted a little summary of her first week on this Copeland/Lovedrug/Lydia tour at her YouTube channel.

The Canadian pop singer says: “It’s completely different than the first tour, even the crowds I’m playing to every night. It’s challenging and it’s a little intimidating, but it’s completely awesome. I’m just learning that it’s a matter of adjusting yourself to the environment you’re cast into every time.”

“But, like anything, good things come with bad sides,” continued. “The first part of the tour was a little bit rocky. I had some technical difficulties and ended up only playing a couple of songs on piano, so I’m sorry Philadelphia, I hope we can come back and make it better for you. These things happen for a reason. It bummed me out, but a, you want to have mistakes so they’ll never happen again. B, it’s humbling, and it’s good to be humbled. And c, everything only goes uphill from there, which it has, and it’s been amazing ever since.”

She also received a call from her pet spider Lance. Watch the clip below.

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