Hilary And Haylie Duff On The VMA Red Carpet

MTV News caught up with and her sister
on the red carpet of the Video Music Awards in Miami on Sunday night. Read
on for a brief transcript.

MTV: Well, the beautiful boat you see behind me just dropped off two
beautiful ladies. Hilary, Haylie, how are you doing?

Hilary and Haylie: Great.

MTV: Let me tell people that earlier today, MTV.com was helping you
pick out the right VMA outfit.

Hilary: You were.

MTV: You were considering different clothes, different jewelry, the
whole thing. Tell me what made you finally decide what to go with?

Hilary: Well, you know what earlier today i tried on these helmet lang
pants, I’m wearing helmut lang we made my pants into shorts today. And
gucci shoes.

MTV: And Haylie?

Haylie: I am in Allure top and paper — I mess this up Paper, Denim
and Cloth jeans and Stella McCartney.

MTV: Tell me about being here in Miami, this must be the first time
that he arrived in a boat.

Haylie: It is. I think it’s so cool that it’s here just like energy
of Miami and everyone is really pumped up. It’s beautiful.

Hilary: Definitely.

Haylie: We’ve been touring together and working hard it’s nice to come
have a mini vacation.

Hilary: Exactly.

MTV: You’re working together tonight presenting I think best rap award?

Haylie: Yes. She’s presenting tonight I’m watching.

MTV: Are you a rap fan?

Hilary: I am a big rap fan. I think it’s awesome that i get to present
that to someone.

MTV: Do you have a favorite in the category?

Hilary: I really like everyone. I really do. Person that I’m pulling
for a little bit but I like a lot of people.

Haylie: She can’t tell.

MTV: Lot of people saying it’s going to be jay-z’s fans.

MTV: Anyone you to see?

Hilary: Everyone. You put on the best award shows.

Hilary: I can’t wait to see Jet.

Haylie: She’s been telling me that.

MTV: Jet very cool. Check that out. Also nominee. Best pop video tonight.
Keep an eye out for that.

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