Hilary Duff Appears On The CBS Early Show

tells The CBS Early Show’s Hattie Kauffman about her two upcoming movies, ‘Cheaper by the Dozen’, which opens on Christmas, and ‘A Cinderella Story’ next summer. Duff also talked about juggling her music career while working on future TV and film projects. “I’m going to finish my tour and then work on a movie called ‘Heart of Summer,’ and then hopefully start working on my second album,” she said. “And, I’m going to be working on my CBS TV show, so I’m real excited.” Watch the interview online here.

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4 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Appears On The CBS Early Show

  1. HottStacie says:

    Hopefully this lil’ ditz comes to her senses and realizes she is Disney’s little cash cow, and then decides to leave the music industry FOREVER ! God, I hate her…she can’t sing !

  2. xxchazz says:

    oh boy… she really sucks… she’s just a fat cow who can’t sing can’t dance (though she claimed she learn ballad) can’t act in movies.. she is sooooooooo fake and her voice is computerized. why would people want to buy a CD like that? I don’t understand. act cute… bleagh. well I’m not jealous.. I don’t think anyone should. she is worth nothing to be jealous of

  3. xxchazz says:

    yeah, agree, I rather listen to other cds than the fat cow’s

  4. lily88 says:

    this is why I hate Hilary duff. after she finish one movie, she goes after the next. this is why she said she’s “busy” all the time. I think she just wants more movie to star in so she can maker more millions. and whats up with her record deal. she sounds like a normal person, they gotta be deaf to not hear her sing.

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