Hilary Duff Attack Day

Contributed Anonymously:

Buena Vista Records has decided not to release any more singles from the ‘’ album, solely based on the reason that ‘Fly’ was not as big of a success as they hoped. Many Hilary fans were upset when they heard the news. The ‘Hilary Duff’ album has plenty of great songs that would make great singles. So, a few fans joined together to create the “Hilary Duff Attack Day” Project.

The project consists of buying a copy of the ‘Hilary Duff’ CD on April 4th, 2005. If every fan would buy a CD that day, the sales would increase considerably and we will show the record company that the ‘Hilary Duff’ CD is amazing, and that another single is in need! Get ready for the “attack day” on April 4th. To make the project successful however, there are three simples rules:

1 – Buy the CD (if you already have it, it makes a great gift).
2 – Try to buy the CD or cassette in a well-known store such as Amazon, Target, Best Buy or Tower Records, or any important music store in your country.
3 – Don’t let anyone cheat you! Check that you buy a genuine record, not an illegal copy.

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