Hilary Duff Brings Aaron Carter As Movie Premiere Date

Hilary Duff attended the premiere of her new movie ‘Lizzie McGuire’ with Aaron Carter. Entertainment Tonight asked Duff if the pair were an item. “I’m not saying anything,” the giddy Hilary laughed. “You can ask him!”

Aaron Carter’s New Patriotic Single

April 7, 2003 – Contributed by BSBfanatic935:

Aaronnews.com reports that originally, Aaron Carter’s next single was going to be ‘To All The Girls’, but now because of the war, Aaron decided to show his support and his new single will now be ‘America AO’. A picture of the single cover can be seen below.

Aaron Carter 'America AO' single cover

Nick & Aaron Carter Join NMMA To Popularize Life Jackets

March 30, 2003 – Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter and his brother Aaron Carter will appear in an upcoming safety video aimed at popularizing the use of life jackets by boaters and anglers. “We’re into helping to save lives,” said Nick. The Carter boys are the lead-in to the segment of the video that features actions sports—water skiing, wakeboarding and tubing—and underline the importance of wearing life jackets while on the water.

Aaron Carter Stars As Shirtless Runway Model

March 25, 2003 – Aaron Carter became a runway model for the Charlie Lapson Collection for fashion week of the Americas held at the Roney Palace. Florida.

Aaron Carter At Fashion Week Of The Americas

March 25, 2003 – Penelope Cordoba with Elite modeling agency, Aaron Carter and model Jeannie Musteilier with Irene Maire modeling agency were photographed at Fashion Week of the Americas, from the Charlie Lapson Collection in Miami Beach.

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