Hilary Duff Busy With College

Hilary Duff made a new Journal entry on her official website from Los Angeles on Thursday. Duff writes, “Hey Guys! I’m here at home (in L.A) I have to start class in another 30 minutes. Today me and Haylie have to watch a lecture and take notes for our test next week. I just looked at my site and realized that I haven’t written in my diary in a month! This week has been pretty busy. I had a few photo shoots and interviews. But, I am sooo excited! I have a performance in Caracas, Venezuela in 2 weeks. I’m excited because I have never been there and I know it will be so much I can’t wait! Well, we have to get our books together and I need to get ready for this lecture, so I’ll talk with ya later. Luv yall Hil xoxo.”

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