Hilary Duff Chats With WBLI

phoned in to WBLI in Long Island to chat with Steve & Maria on Thursday (July 7). Duff talked about ‘The Perfect Man’, nobody being perfect – including her Good Charlotte boyfriend Joel Madden, and before she talked about her new single ‘Wake Up’, the interview audio ends abruptly. wbli.com has since removed the audio.

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6 thoughts on “Hilary Duff Chats With WBLI

  1. astrange1 says:

    Excuse my cynicism, but you can see the marketing machine at work here. She seems to be giving interviews to every major Top 40 station in the country. Stations love to have “stars” call them for interviews at key periods of the day. With her new single coming out, the obvious “payoff” here is “I call – you play.” Sort of funny the interview ends abruptly after she admits her and Joel are an item. Maybe ihatehilary attacked the radio station. Come to think of it, maybe it was Lindsay! Long Island is Lindsay’s homebase. We got a turf war!!

    i didn’t even listen to it seeing as how there is no way in hell i’m gonna listen to a hilary duff interview, so i’m just gonna imagine how that ended. interviewer: so you’ve now confirmed that you’re dating joel madden of good charlotte? hilary: yeah, i absolutely love benji- interviewer: benji? hilary: huh? oh sh**t! joel, that’s who i meant. not benji. i’m not dating benji, i didn’t secretly f**k benji last night. interviewer: …um.. hilary:no! wait..i said that out loud, didn’t i? ihatehilary: HAH! i found you you little b.itch! hilary: what? who the hell are you? interviewer: hilary? who is that? ihatehilary: *grabs the phone* I’M HER WORST F**KING NIGHTMARE! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *takes out gun* hilary: sh**! *runs to the door* lindsay: *opens the door* where the f**k do you think you’re going? hilary: what the hell are you doing here? lindsay: *looks at ihatehilary pointing the gun at the back of hilary’s head* hey! back the hell off she’s mine! ihatehilary: you back off you little blonde twig b.itch i got here first! lindsay: no YOU back off! i have a knife! ihatehilary: i have a gun! lindsay: fine! bring it b.itch! ihatehilary: AAAAAAAUGH!!!*attacks lindsay* interviewer: hello? hilary? psycho murderer? anyone? um…well then..here’s wake up, hilary duff’s newest single, on WBLI long island. *plays song* hilary: um…*slowly backs away to the door* ihatehilary: *looks up from putting lindsay into a headlock* hey! oh no you don’t! *grabs the gun and fires it at hilary* hilary: AAAGH! *falls down* lindsay: dammit! i wanted to kill her! hilary: ……ugh…….. ihatehilary: dammit she’s still alive! lindsay: not anymore! *stabs her* hilary: hah! you can’t defeat me! if you kill me do you have any idea how pissed off you’re gonna make every 12 year old in this country? and in every other country? they’re all gonna kill you! you’ll be massacred by a load of 12 year olds! you’ll never win! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *dies* ihatehilary: *shoots her again just in case* wait…do you hear that? lindsay: yeah…*looks out the window and sees a stampede of pissed off 12 year olds in stuff by hilary duff shirts* what the hell is that? ihatehilary: *looks* oh my god! it’s the 12 year olds! lindsay: holy crap, she was right! what do we do what do we do what do we do?? *panics* ihatehilary: RUUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!! *both of them take off and end up as fugitives running from the police and the killer 12 year olds* hahahaha.

    This may be your finest moment *applause* Very realistic. ihatehilary should like it since not only does hilary end up dead at her hands but she gets to be a fugitive. So is a one armed 12-year old hilary fan involved in the sequel (if you’re not familiar with “The Fugitive”, don’t try to get it). One other thing. There are two reasons for listening to the interview. The first was to find things to irritate ihatehilary (mine) and the other is to inspire your work of comic genius.

    thank you, thank you, you’re far too kind *bows*’, ‘yeah, i have no idea what the fugitive is but i could try to work in a one armed 12 year old into the sequel :P “There are two reasons for listening to the interview. The first was to find things to irritate ihatehilary (mine) and the other is to inspire your work of comic genius.” aw :) i got that from you though, where you put the person’s name on one side and whatever they say on the other side. so you deserve some credit too :P i think i should get working on that sequel now lol.

  2. ssl291 says:

    These call-in are schedule interview. The request for interview comes from the …’, ‘radio station. The only difference with the last few month is that she is available for these interview. It is the same with every celebs out there.

  3. ihatehilary says:

    i should like it? you know she crossed the line when she put benji in there. and don’t even start about the fugitive. my grandmother watches the reruns religiously. it’s up to the colored episodes. i hate that show as much as i hate the lizzie mcguire reruns!

    bitch. you know there’s a line for what’s funny and what’s not and you crossed it. don’t joke about benji. i’d flip out just so you’d have to take care of me now since you brought it on yourself, but i don’t even want to talk to you at the moment..

    i didn’t listen to the interview cuz i’m not as obsessed as some people who claim i am are. so what did she say about joel? and no fake interviews, above said b.itches!

    btw, is joel one of the drones in a hilary shirt? i can just picture him walking with a gimp leg, all zombie like, like the rest of the hilary “fans”

  4. twistedpsykko says:

    oh come on, i was joking. you have to admit though, for me it is pretty good.

  5. twistedpsykko says:

    what are you kidding me? are you KIDDING me? i let you KILL hilary duff for the love of god! i even let you shoot her again just to make sure she was completely dead! and this is what i get? “you know there’s a line for what’s funny and what’s not and you crossed it.” benji? okay don’t even joke like that, BENJI is your line i’m not supposed to cross? how the hell was i supposed to know that? since when the hell do you care what i say about benji? i’m always cracking stuff like that. and if it’s not me it’s astrange1 and you don’t get all pissed. you’re just fine about it. and all of it was a fu**ing joke anyways, i would’ve thought you with all your sarcasm would be able to get that. but i guess not. so fine, you and your hahahahaha-i’m-going-to-the-warped-tour-and-twisted’s-not self can go right ahead and be all morbid. see if i ever let you kill hilary duff again.

  6. astrange1 says:

    Hey in the sequel you can make Hilary rise from the grave like in Carrie or one of those Jason movies. You know, a chubby little hand comes out of the dirt. It’s not far off..every time you think the little b*tch is done, she finds a new method of cash flow. Then the dracula like hilary can join forces with the legions of zombie like 12 year olds and ssl. Finally ihatehilary will meet her fate when Joel and Benji tell her the whole twink thing is an act and they’re actually gigolos and Hilary is their pimp. She then loses the will to live and commits suicide and spends an eternity in hell where she is forces to listen to Hilary’s greatest hits for all eternity.

    It seems to me…’, ‘that the obvious case for a “secret fan” of Hilary would be the one who has to define herself in terms of Hilary. There are only two people who have to define themselves in terms of Hilary: you and Hailey. Maybe three as Joel becomes more defined as Hilary’s whipped boyfriend than GC’s lead singer….or four if you consider Benji as the brother of Hilary’s whipped boyfriend whose getting some of her lovin’ on the down low…that’s what twisted thinks.

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