Hilary Duff Checks In After Launching Perfume

checked in with fans on her blog at AOL’s KOL service on Monday ( 25). “I just got back from New York,” she writes. “The fashion shows were hot, but the launch of my new scent with Elizabeth Arden, With Love… Hilary Duff was awesome! It was humbling to see the huge signs and Jumbo-tron at Times Square! Thousands of people showed up to see me and to pick up my new perfume. I signed pictures and talked and laughed with fans. I love New Yorkers! They are straight to the point and pretty honest! I am happy with the packaging, overall presentation and especially the scent. It is cool for adults and younger girls (my boyfriend even tries to wear it). You should stop by Macy’s everywhere and other department stores to get it! Don’t forget to vote for ‘ with Fire’ on MTV and see ‘Material Girls’ before it leaves theaters. Thanx! Gotta go!”

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