Hilary Duff Checks In After ‘Material Girls’ Premiere

checked in with fans on her blog at AOL’s KOL service on Monday (August 21). Duff writes:

Where to begin? I have been in NY for the ‘Material Girls’ premiere with my sister. We had so much fun doing press and laughing and goofing off together. The premiere was awesome. The movie opened Friday. Haylie had to do lots of press and is still doing ‘Hairspray’ on Broadway. I don’t know where she finds the energy. We did a radio and TV satellite tour, ‘Regis and Kelly’ and CBS ‘Early Show’, ‘TRL’ on MTV, ‘The Morning Show’ and to top it off, while Haylie was on stage for ‘Hairspray’, I went to be on David Letterman!

I also kicked off my fashion show on hilaryonred.com. Be sure to check it out. I am excited about my new scent with Elizabeth Arden. I might be shooting a commercial for it within a week or two. I forgot to tell you that I premiered my video on ‘TRL’! Please go to MTV.com to vote for me!

I hope you guys checked out my online fashion show at hilaryonred.com. I had fun doing it and I feel good about the clothing line. It was cool. I wanted to tell you more about being on ‘TRL’ too. I was on with Christina Agulierra and Sam Jackson. Don’t forget to go to MTV.com and vote for me! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see ‘Hairspray’ this time around. I told Haylie that I would make sure to check it out next time. ‘Material Girls’ opened on Friday!!! Finally. Haylie is sooo funny in it. I feel good today. I love life and I enjoy what I do! Well, gotta go!



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